My first thought


Well this is the first time to put my thoughts down in here.

It has been quite amazing as I have looked through the internet trying to find the answers to so many questions I have had about websites. The one thing I have found to be so true, is that there is pretty much an answer to everything in terms of making a very cool and useful website.

Never in the history of the planet has there been a chance to send a message to so many people in so little time, without too much effort. For the first time in history, the idea behind what you are doing is infinitely greater than the skill you have in setting it up.

As I get this ‘blog’ going, I thought how much work and hard effort it must have taken others to set up the same things on their websites, but not so.

Content is king.

The technical details of setting this kind of thing up are small in comparisson to the amount and quality of information that can be stored and put in by other people. It’s the idea that counts the most, the details can be settled easily enough.

The power of giving a huge number of people the opportunity to express their thoughts and tell others what they think through the internet is truly remarkable. It is a turn in history that is quite fascinating.

Well, that’s it for now, I am still amazed myself at all of this, but still I sit here fiddling with it.

So, till next time

God bless