News update

Well, it’s been great to have the week off work. Tomorrow I have to go in to work to do a demo class for the new kids who are coming to our school.

In my week off I have been waking up early and spending time with Ava. It’s quite nice to have free time at different times of the day. I have been spending a fair amount of time at the computer, so my breaks are at different times to what I am used to.

The Monday just past (2004/07/26) I went to go check out another school. It’s the one that two of the other teachers who are leaving our school are going to.

It’s not too different from the school I am at now, but it is a different system and looks quite organised.

Things go on as usual. Ava is starting to try and sell some things on eBay here in Taiwan. It’s quite exciting and I hope we can make it go well. I am going to be setting up a webpage for her too.

The overcoming depression website is still getting a little bit of work. Now that this site is done ( I can go back to polishing off the depression one and making sure everything is working OK and looks fine, and that the forums are set out in a nice way. The forums are it for the meantime. Maybe some article submission would be cool, but it will wait.

Following Ava’s interest in eBay I have downloaded some ebooks to try and see what there is to see. I might actually try to sell some of the books on eBay too, but I will need them translated first.

That’s all for now.