Another week goes by

I’ve been up to a little more this week than usual.

The weather From Monday to Thursday was fantastic, it was warm and sunny, and I got to wear baggies to school for the first time in quite a while, it was great.

Tuesday, my class and I went to the Taipei Zoo. I wore long pants on that day, but regretted it as the weather was hot. The Zoo is quite a cool place for the kids to go as there really is not too much nature to speak of in the big city, except for bugs. That said, when I look at the animals it must be extremely boring. I saw on the news recently that in order to get pandas in a Chinese Zoo to mate, they showed them TV shows of pandas mating. And it worked!

I had quite a lot of work to do, which I managed to get finished, which is a relief. It’s amazing how much work you can get done without the internet at work. No wonder companies try to keep their imployees off the computers quite often, or at least off the internet.

Friday, I went over to Clint and Sue’s house. I know Clint from when he worked at the JOY YongHe preschool for a while. He left, but we have had a little contact. One interesting thing was that Clint has an interest for internet related business stuff, which I am very much into, so even though I haven’t seen him for a while, that common interest stays on my mind.

Anyways, they are hosting an Alpha course – at thier home. They invited Ava and I along, but just I ended up going. It was nice spending some time with some newer friends as I haven’t actually been out too much as of late.

Other good news, or small good news for me is that my website is nearly complete. I have to add some more content to it’s pages, but for the most part it’s complete. I will give it another two weeks or so before being completely OK.

Well, tomorrow brings in another week. Should be another relaxed one.

Hope you all have a wonderful one too. Love to you all.

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