Big Typhoon is Here

Last night the typhoon made landfall, bringing with it lots of rain and heavy winds.

The areas that are prone to flooding have become flooded, which thankfully doesn’t include anywhere around where I live.

The upside is that I get the day off work, the downside is that yesterday evening after coming back from PingDong and going snorkelling in Kenting my hard drive has decided that it doesn’t want to cooperate, so the day will be spent using knoppix Linux to boot the computer and then trying to get as much of the data off that drive as I can.

Thank goodness I keep my data on a secondary drive which is still working fine, but I cannot figure out how to access it in Knoppix.

By the way, Knoppix is a great way to check out how cool the Linux operating system is. You just download it, burn it to CD and than just put it in your CD drive and it will boot from there. Check it out at…

Maybe tomorrow will be another day off, that would be a treat.

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