Yay, another day off work

Well once again the big rains have hit.

As the edge of a big typhoon passing through the region it is coming down in buckets. It really is just pouring down with about 500mm in 24 hours in some places in the North of the island (hey, I’m in the North).

Anyways that means that we get a long weekend.

On Friday Ava and I are off to PingDong which should be an uneventful trip.

My friend Clint sent me this today, and I wanted to share it with you all (a conversation from 2000 years ago)…

“Are you kidding? That group of nobodies?”…”I’m telling you these people are insignificant. The only thing I ever hear of their leaders is that they’re always winding up in jail. Trust me, in 2000 years, nobody will give them a thought.”…So here we are 2000 years later. And isn’t it interesting that we name our children Peter and Paul, John and James, Mary and Martha? And we name our dogs Caesar and Nero.

The leaders of that time could not have known how much Christ coming to earth would affect us all.

God is Lord, always, over everything!

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