Skype – internet phone service

Today, I signed up for skype.

It’s really cool. For those who don’t know, it’s a service that allows you to phone, using your computer, to other people around the world.

It’s free to phone from computer to computer, but if you want to phone from your computer to a telephone you have to pay. The best part is that it is REALLY CHEAP. My first call, which went to my parents in Westville cost me 1/10 of what it normally costs me to phone them. In fact, it is even cheaper than a cellphone call.

It costs me US$0.075 or so per minute to call to South Africa. The cost to call to my home here from South Africa is even less, about US$0.03 per minute.

So, if you haven’t tried it out, go for it. There are other options, but this one has become quite popular. It’s a prepaid service, so you have to top up the credit before you can phone. The standard 10 euros is not too much, and will last a while. If it doesn’t work out for you, not much loss.

Head on over to and give it a go.

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