My websites

Here is a plug for a site I just set up.

You can sign up for a free blog, just like the one I use at

The functionality is similar and is based on a multiuser version of the same script.

Reply with your request and I will send you an invitation so you can register.

Feel free to just try it out if you want. Report any bugs to me.

Also, go check out and is the site for my church in Taipei’s 40 days of purpose campaign. Check it out for opinions and comments on each days reading.

On other news, Ava is now 8 or 9 weeks along in her pregnancy. It’s so exciting. She has been feeling a little less sick, but really tired.

Work goes on as always, and the weather has finally taken a turn, so I’m not sweating profusely before I even get to work in the morning.

Much of my free time now goes into the two computer websites and a little into the others, my bike is feeling very lonely and rejected.

Hope you are all keeping well and are in good spirits.

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