Merry Christmas

Well, Christmas over her certainly is a little different from what I had back home in South Africa, but then nothing really is, and seeing as this is not South Africa, it’s really not all that strange.

I had dinner with my work colleagues and we ate and drank and chatted about all sorts of stuff.

On Sunday, today, Ava and I went to church in the evening and then stayed after church for a get together they have called “vinyl cafe” where they have lots of things to eat and drink and you can just socialise with each other.

That’s it from this side, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you will have a wonderful New Year, which is coming up next week. For those on holiday, enjoy it, next week is a normal working week for me, my holiday comes with my week off for Chinese New Year from the 28th of January as far as I know.

So keep safe, and don’t forget what this wonderful time of year is all about… the birth of Jesus Christ.


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