Baby coming soon

Well, it’s been a long time since I wrote, nearly 3 months since anything personal. I spoke to my dad yesterday and he said he’s getting a little tired of reading about the “subwoofer” everytime he comes to my webpage. So here goes…

In February both of my parents came to Taiwan. They came for a week and it was a rush tour of the major attractions of Taiwan. It was a good choice to come when they did, as after Chinese New Year, many people have used up their leave and stay home. I will make a seperate entry about that vacation after I put the pictures up on the website. But in short they arrived Friday evening, we went to Taroko gorge by train the next morning, went to the Hualien Ocean Park on the Sunday, then headed by train to her parents’ home on the opposite side of the island on the Monday, where they gave us a little bit of a tour around their favourite spots. The Monday evening we went away to Guan Zi Lin, and the “Fire and water convergence” as it is translated. Wednesday was back to Taipei and they left on the Saturday morning, after Ava gave them a tour of Taipei on Thursday and Friday. Friday evening we went to the top of Taipei 101 for the view. It was really great to see them after so long, the best part was just hanging around and chatting about stuff.

Of course, the baby is on its way. Christina is expected in about 3 weeks or so. Ava is feeling quite tired as she has started to “look like a balloon,” in her own words. Everything is healthy and all seems ready for a smooth delivery. I will put up the picture of the scans we had done a while ago as well.

My work was cut back a little, just the extra work, so that’s okay, but its given me more time to spend with Ava as she goes through the pains of the pregnancy. It’s amazing how I’ve become quite used to the pregnancy, or let me rephrase, at the beginning it was something new and when her tummy started to get bigger I was amazed. Now, it almost seems like the norm to see her tummy as its been there for quite a while now.

Thats it for me, I will give another update when I put the pictures onto the internet or something else comes up.