Ava and Christina back next week

Well, Ava and Christina have been in Tainan for six weeks now. Time really does fly, and if I think back on what I have done in the time they have been away, it is about nothing.

The weekend drag back to Ava’s hometown is fairly tough, about 5 hours door-to-door. However it is actually quite easy and this weekend was even easier than before. We made an agreement that I would only start my caring duties after I had a full nights sleep on Friday night and into Saturday lunchtime.

After all that sleep I was able to let Ava have a full nights rest on Saturday night and morning. It has been a lot of strain, although she seems to be alright. It’s almost like a form of torture, never quite getting enough sleep, but just enough to get by.

Next weekend will be her sister’s (no 2 – Anne) wedding. Should be full of the traditional Taiwan flair and I will put pictures on here sooner rather than later.

That’s it for me, thanks for those who continue to email or post comments once in a while. Bye for now.

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