Congratulations to James and Michelle

Via my mom I found out that James and Michelle have planned to get married in South Africa next year. The date my mom mentioned was the 24th March.

I’m not really surprised that I heard this wonderful news from my mother first. Mother’s are just like that I guess.

With a little luck Ava, Christina and I will be able to make it for the occassion. It will have been three years since the last time I went back to South Africa so it will really be like going back to a strange place, perhaps even a little scary.

I suspect we will not be taking too many other trips back too soon after that unless something terrible or wonderful happens. I really hope that this time I can be a little more productive with the time there and get to do a few things. Primarily I think that besides sharing my brother’s wedding the family need to see Christina. It’s a little unfair that the family here in Taiwan gets to see her all the time, whereas my parents just missed seeing her when they came here in February.

So thats that for now.

Oh, I have a holiday next week. Ava has not come back from Tainan, but we will all come back together next Monday. Then we need to get the house sorted out. Cleaning and arranging new shelving and that kind of thing.

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