Peter and Ava singing songs to Christina

2006 08 04 – Round the garden and this little piggy.flv
My two favorite little rhymes in the whole world. I can’t remember who did them to me when I was younger.

2006 08 04 – Peter singing a silly Chinese song and trying to get a smile.flv
Ava taught me this little song that kids here often learn, it roughly translates as, “Tricyle, goes so fast, with an old lady sitting on it. She wants 5 cents, but gives you a dollar, don’t you think that’s really strange.” It loses all the fun in English though.

2006 08 04 – Milu.flv
Ava got this little song from TV I think.

2006 08 04 – Ka da che.flv
This little song comes from a commercial.

2006 08 04 – Fatty.flv
She is so cute and chubby, I just had to say it in the nicest way possible.