We’re going back to SA for a holiday in March

Pretty much everything has been planned for our trip back to South Africa.

We’ll be heading back in March next year for 3 weeks. James and Michelle’s wedding is on the 20th of March so we wanted to be there for that. It’s also the first time that Granny and Grandpa will get to see their new grandchildren.

Here’s our timetable…

Saturday, March 10th, 2007
Taipei to Hong Kong
CX451 – TPE 20:00 – HKG 21:45
Hong Kong to Johannesburg
CX749 – HKG 23:45 – JNB 06:35+1

Visit Chris in Johannesburg for the day and night.

Monday, March 12th, 2007
Johannesburg to Durban
SA543 – JNB 10:10 – DUR 11:20

Saturday, March 31st, 2007
Durban to Johannesburg
SA542 – DUR 9:40 – JNB 10:50
Johnnesburg to Hong Kong
CX748 – JNB 12:50 – HKG 07:55+1
Hong Kong to Taipei
CX450 – HKG 10:10+1 – TPE 11:55+1

That’s it for the moment, but in the meantime I would like any suggestions as to what you think we should do as tourists. We will have a little more time than we did last time, so we can probably get out and about and go see some sights.

Anyone got any particular ideas about this, I’m still thinking about it and deciding what our itinery should be. If we don’t have one I could see us going to the Pavilion (local shopping mall) a few too many times.

Hope everyone’s well and for those who are in Durban, see you in March.