Babies and needles

Quick story…

Ava went to the Chinese doctor, but on a weekday, so I couldn’t help out with Christina. She went into the doctor’s office, and the whole clinic was quite busy.

While she was in the doctor’s office, Christina started to walk around to explore. When she went to the closed curtain, the doctor told Ava that there was someone in there getting acupuncture, they usually use the outside beds but it was busy, and that she would call a nurse to help with Christina.

“She’s got my needle,” was the next thing that was heard as she pulled one of the needles out of the poor patient.

Kids are just too cute, and quick. Awww, sweet.

I’m changing jobs

How are you doing?

Starting on July 23rd, I will be doing Technical Writing instead of teaching.

This involves writing technical documents for my new company iEi. I will know more about exactly what is involved when I start.

This has been some time in the making and I have been quite unexcited by teaching recently. It was great to start off with, but I really did need to move on to something else. This kind of job is one of the few other jobs that is open to foreigners here, just because the language requirement is English, and almost all other regular jobs need Chinese. It will be interesting being in an office environment, and being in the computer industry, which is such a thriving one here.

One of the other factors that made a big difference was that a friend of mine, Paul, told me of the position at his work (he’s head of that team) and that from seeing my websites, thought I would be quite suitable for it. So my ongoing thoughts about my career, plus the offer, plus the timing (end of school semester) were too much to ignore, and there you go.

I’ll have to get used to actually working hard again. I’ll have to wear long pants, even when it’s not cold. I’ll need to get used to work in an office. I’ll have to do a BIG commute (possibly and hour ride by bicycle or motorbike, up to one and a half by bus). I’m going to have to learn a whole new skillset. But its all good, I need something to push me and make me work hard.