How many times have you seen snow? The other day while deleting stuff from my desktop I came across a video that Nicola had taken of the snow when the family went to Underberg last year in 2007. Well that got me thinking that I hadn’t seen it that much until I talked to my mom the other day over Skype.

So here I am jogging my memory.

The earliest time I can recall seeing snow was when we were in Giant’s Castle. I can’t remember how old I was, but must have been in Senior Primary or thereabouts. After we got to the Drakensberg it got very cold and started to rain. It was raining in the camp, but we knew that higher in the mountains it was surely snowing. The first day after the rain it was just too wet, so we didn’t attempt to go and see the snow. But the day after that we set out on a long walk to go and get to the snow. It was a long trek and the path was quite wet, but we did get to the snow. We made a little snowman, which I remember we have a picture of somewhere at home in SA.

The next time was a time when we went to Nottingham road specially to go and see the snow because it had snowed the night before. The snow was deep and there was enough to make snowballs and throw them at each other.

The most memorable time which I had completely forgotten was the time when we were at Mbona. Now Mbona is a private farm area that was converted into a holiday place. If you head out past Howick and then past Umgeni Valley and keep going until the road turns to dust and then continue another five kilometers or so, that’s about where it is. We were there for the weekend or some length of time and we had taken our bikes with us. It was raining in the night and getting colder. But the next morning we woke up to see the ground blanketed in snow. The first thing I could think to do was to get my bike and go for a ride. It was nearly impossible and it was too slippery to go far, but it was pretty excellent. The cottage we stayed in that belonged to my Dad’s friend Alan was the third highest cottage in the area and further down the hill there wasn’t any snow.

And the video I mentioned in the beginning. Dad, Mom and Nicola were actually at Nottingham Road and it snowed during the day, lucky fish. I will post the video sometime, eventually.