Falling into Facebook

I thought I would never have anything to do with Facebook. Hmm, things change, I’m usually shown I’m wrong.

The social networking stuff is interesting. Here’s how it’s playing out currently….

I always had the Peter and Ava blog, which is where all my life updates were before.

I foundĀ Twitter, which is almost like text messaging for the Internet. Just the sort of thing I was looking at to fill the gap between the blog (which I feel should have longer posts with a little more stuff in it) and smaller general updates and small comments.

I also went onto Friendfeed which aggragates updates from various social services online and gives a feed of all those updates, they can be seen in the sidebar on my blog. So far it gives updates on when I upload stuff to Picasa, when I update my status on Twitter and when I update my blog.

Finally I jumped into Facebook. It’s certainly got a novelty about it and great seeing people I know. I use Twitter to update my Facebook status. The interface for twitter is great for my mobile phone, so I can update on the move.

Will I lose my focus with all this extra stuff?

Probably not, the combination solves a few little things I’ve had on my mind, like keeping track of friends, making small updates to my website, so that those tasks can be done quick and I can get them out of my head, right in line with GTD guidelines.